Panduwas Nuwara, Sri Lanka - ancient kingdom with ruins

This is the entrance to the ancient royal palace of the king of Sri Lanka in 12th century AD. This wide parapat wall runs right round the area with a canal full of water adjacent to the wall on the out side. Stories say that tere were so many crodiles raring in this canal to make it difficult for the enemies to enter the premises.

This ancient master piece of wood carvings can be seen in this "Mandapaya" at Tampita Viharaya(temple), Panduwas Nuwara. Wooden roof structure has carved with fine arts which shows the artistic talents of ancient Sri Lankans.

This is the palace where beautiful princes Unmada Chitra was jailed by her uncles in single pillar house (Ektemge) to avoid any contacts with gents as a fortune teller has warned these uncles that the son of this princess will kill all of them and become the king. Some or rather one prince called Diga Gamini managed to come to this house secretely and they became lovers giving birth to the prince Pandu Aba who bacame the king finally. It is a long and an interesting story in Sri Lanka.

This right hand side picture shows ruins of King Walagamba's palace which was in existance nearly 900 years back. Level of architecture of Sri Lankans in that era shows by the right hand side picture which is the attached toilet built at that time which is in par with modern technology.

This is a stupa built at that time for worshipping. There are so many stupas and temples in the shape of ruins in a large area seperated for religeous building by the king.

This is an article written on a stone cut to be flat. This shows the ancient letters of Sri Lanka which are readable to the archeological experts. Content of the article gives the description of the place.