Yapahuwa, Sri Lanka - Rock carvings from ancient time

This is the entrance to the top of the rock which had been built in 13th century AD by the King Buvanekabahu and Ypahuwa became the capital of Sri Lanka at that time. Height of the rock is 90 meters.

This is the famous lion sculpture which is cosidered as the symbol of Yapahuwa. Next is the Carving of an elephant and all are found on the side of the steps on the way to the top.

This is a meeting place at the bottom of the steps.

On the very top of the mountant, you will find this beautiful view of a lake and a stupa. Wind is severe here and you can see the whole surrounding right round upto so many kilometers as the height here is considerable.

A rock cut into two halves with very flat surfaces shows the technology they had in ancient Sri Lanka.

Very steep stone steps which will bring you to the top of the rock. From the half way of the journey to the top you will not get steps and it will be an interesting and a difficult journey.